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16 Week Challenge

Work on a NEW LOOK

A Healthier, Fitter body in 16 weeks

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Get ready to build a better YOU with not only the help of a Trainer but also a nutritional plan to suit.

Once you start we don’t want you to stop but start a new Healthier life and break the ritual of unhealthy eating habits. You will love where you finish and with great prizes and even rebates on offer we will show you how to beat any other programme out there.

It is open for anyone who is overweight, skinny, old, young, injuries or even failed at everything else.

The Baby Boomers Team will work out a personalised workout programme just for you.

You will select your meal replacement items

We will take photos and guide you every step of the way

Best of all, you could not become fit and healthy but could win $10,000 to do it thanks to the Isagenix Isabody Challenge.


Remember you are not alone, and you will see a transformation your friends are envious of.

What you will get

You will be in a personal group where you can be with friends and share not only your joys, but your tears as well knowing we are all in this together

During this 16 week challenge you will have a Personal Trainer, yes someone to help you every step of the way and ready to keep you motivated.

In fact, there is a great deal, to keep fit you can get a huge reduction in the rates to help you.

A full blood pressure scan to make sure you don’t hurt yourself as well as detailed plans to work on.

Full access to our online app and even to track what you eat with a huge amount of foods available to check.

This challenge has changed plenty of lives already and you could be the next.

What are you waiting for?