Mind and Body

Mind and Body by Rob

The Day that
changed my life.

The Day that changed my life.
Sometimes you think enough is enough ….
That time came when I was 48 and I could feel myself less energetic and unable to move as well as I could when I was younger.
Wow how it felt when the Physiotherapist said “You have old man’s back! “What a blow to the system from hero to broken in simple comment!
It all ran through my head – no more bad food, give up the chocolate and no more alcohol, how could someone survive with an outlook like that.
This was the day I changed my life and said no more!
You see I was the same as you, just doing the same old work routine, go to work, come home, relax and do it all again.
I was feeling down and out and could not see a way out. Yes, just keep going and face heart disease, diabetes and a young family with no Dad or a wife with no husband, it felt real and now!
Anyway, I did have a hint in the back of my mind when I used to go to the gym could I do something similar. It then came from out of the blue – Become a PT and helps others.

Could this be done? Is there a way to feel better, and then that phone call came? A course with the best PT training in the business – Become a PT and become fit in the process. I had to do it, I needed this, But I didn’t have the money! and I wanted this so bad! what did I do?
I shuffled the money around, did a payment plan and got to work. I then thought how do I explain this to my wife.
No turning back just head down and go hard. When I got home and explained this to Nik, she smiled and said “you can do this “I knew you were going to do something special”
In an instant I learnt two things
One, how much I loved my wife (and yes, I met her well over 19 years ago!) and
Two, my life would never be the same again!
Doing the course, I learnt more about the body, muscles, movement and nutrition and best of all, you don’t have to give up all the bad things, simply it is called moderation.
It was also very relevant that the more I went to the gym it was more I didn’t see the older generation in there, WOW even the ladies kept away.
Could this be true? was a change happening in the industry?
I knew I was onto something big and I started Fit Baby Boomers
From here on in my world and the world of my clients will change a step at a time
Will you be the next?
I welcome to talking to you soon.